Company Profile

TDC Taiwan (Taiwan Digi-Com) was established in 2006 by its parent company Welldone Company (OTC Ticket Number 6170). TDC is considered to be a leading company in supplying consumer batteries in Taiwan. TDC has spent years cultivating an image of hard work and dedication whilst employing marketing strategy to position itself as a market leader. In 2017, TDC was given a chance to become the sole distributor for essence cosmetics (cosnova) in Taiwan and quickly TDC was able to established itself as the number one partner in Asia amongst cosnova’s distributors for two consecutive years. TDC is committed to providing the market with innovative, quality and affordable goods while at the same time TDC aims to interact and establish long lasting relations with its consumers.

Core Strengths

  • Global brand development and distribution
  • Strong financial background
  • Diverse and healthy portfolio
  • Strong operation with multi-channels and networks
  • Expertise and experience in marketing and public relations

Our Story & Achievements

  • Company established with 3C products as its focus under Consumer Battery Division
  • Appointed as the sole agent for TOSHIBA battery

  • Creation of the Beauty Division
  • Distribution of Korean Beauty products


  • Became the sole distributor of essence cosmetics
  • **To date: 900 POS of essence in Taiwan

  • Became the sole distributor of Catrice cosmetics
  • Became the sole distributor of essence in Hong Kong and Macau

  • Creation of the Healthcare Division